Samshield Ltd Fall Ava Training Shirt

$ 110.00 $ 210.00

Pine Green
Steel Grey
Petrol Blue

Product Details

The Samshield Ava Long-Sleeved Training Shirt features bioceramic lining paired with a fitted silhouette, stretch technical fabrics and ultra-soft feel. This nano-technology allows for optimizing the capacities in terms of efforts and recovery. Ava improves the physical performance and maximizes comfort and fit. Bioceramic particles act on base of infrared waves and support the metabolism during exercise and recreation. The Limited Edition Ava has a Hidden Front 1/4 Zipper, Embossed Stud Shield on the collar, and Embossed spine. Limited Edition.

Available in Black, Plum and Navy

Bioenergetic activity released by the impact of infrared radiation: the only way to pass thermal energy as heat onto the body. Infrared radiation enters into the human body and provides enormous benefits like:
– stimulating the immune system
– Improving the oxygen supply
– stimulating the metabolic system
– reducing fatigue and stress
– reducing perspiration and preventing bacterial growth
– body detoxification
Additional benefits due to the use of nanoceramics:
– lasting odor-blocking and anti-bacterial effects
– machine-washable
– self-regenerating over time

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