Cavalleria Toscana

Cavalleria Toscana-

When I think of Cavalleria Toscana, I see a series of values, that even experiencing them one by one they are enough to move me.
I see a true friendship, and solid idea, the response to a style demand, I see the determination in
the people who believed in a dream and have continued to push with all of their energy and determination to make it reality.
We wanted to recreate an environment for all the people who still believe in the values of Cavalleria, in the honor, the respect, the friendship, in the sport.
A space reserved for all of those who are growing, who are evolving without having altered their departure point.
We thought of a product which was born in tradition, elegance and style, we have invested in technology, we have discovered technical solutions unique to this sport; we have brought into our team: technicians, riders, avant garde partners who have sustained us.
But above all we have never stopped believing in this vision that for us day after day has consolidated into Culture.
We have never gone out and looked for clients, but instead people who are willing to embrace our values and today to see people wearing CT all over the world, people talking about CT,
images that describe CT, thus giving us the certainty that our message was understood and shared.
But what has made this magical and possible for all of this: simply the love for doing what we do.