dada sport Fit For Fun Saddle Pad

$ 181.00

Chalk/ Beige

Product Details

This saddle pad ensures comfort and performance of the horse from the stable to the competition grounds, ergonomic with a unique design.

The color palette

Fit For Fun is available in navy and chalk beige.


This saddle pad has been designed from innovative technical fabrics. The fabric used was originally designed for scuba divers to protect them from the higher pressure in the water. The material is naturally water-repellent thanks to the intermediary layer of neoprene. In addition to being technical, this rug offers a unique design through the development of a Dada Sport design made from the Dada monogram.

For quilting, the naturally padded outer fabric with a neoprene spring between two layers of stretch fabric creates a spring effect.

Padding: It wicks away perspiration, which allows the horse to stay dry and prevents the proliferation of bacteria. It is made up of 3 layers: foam which protects against impacts, felt which adds structure to the carpet and polyfilm which softens it.


Made in India.

The technical and innovative fabrics are combined with innovative assembly processes to offer the greatest comfort and durability in all conditions.

How to maintain your Fit For Fun saddle pad?

We recommend machine washing at a maximum of 30°C with a spin speed of no more than 900 rpm. It is then best to let the carpet air dry. Above all, no tumble drying, ironing or dry cleaning.


Composition :

Main fabric: 90% polyester / 7% spantex / 3% neoprene

Lining: 100% polyester

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