dada sport Django Vest Jacket - Airbag compatible

$ 275.00 $ 393.00


Product Details

This sleeveless jacket has been designed especially for competitions with its nice neckline. It is also ideal for training. It is compatible with a Helite Zip'in 1 or 2 airbag as well as our Concorde airbag.

The color palette

Django is available in navy and black.


This piece has been designed with princess cut-outs which allows for a slim and feminine fit. Very light, its Italian technical fabric in microfiber allows a great freedom of movement.

More details, its fabric is textured with the monogram dada logo on the chest. This jacket has a clear gold zipper, an inside zipper to attach your Helite Zip'in 1 or 2 airbag as well as Concorde and an opening on the front for the airbag strap exit.


The Django sleeveless jacket is made in Romania. Its technical fabric which comes from Italy is "Sensitive", that is to say very fine, light, flexible and breathable. It provides optimal comfort. It is designed to be easy to care for, quick drying, non-pilling and wrinkle free.

The fabric is made of polyamide and Lycra (elastane) microfiber, which ensures good elasticity (bi-stretch).

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