Struck Apparel Women's 50 Series Show Breeches

$ 319.00

Beige hEQ

Product Details

Our most popular style, the 50 Series breech is cut to fit you like a glove. Contoured knees. Stretch seams. Pressure points eliminated. Everything athletes need.

Schoeller Prestige™ fabric offers incredible stretch, durability, and breathability. Made to resist fading and stains.
The flattering low-mid rise with custom waistband is super figure flattering, designed to keep shirts tucked-in and eliminate gapping. Our soft stretchable lower leg cuff creates a smooth and comfortable fit under your boots. Finished with our signature red sport-lock zipper, and grip knee patch system.

Designed for ultimate fit and performance. Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. 

If you are looking for new whites... Welcome to the REVOLUTION in white show breeches: White 2.0!

Struck's unique bi-layer fabric, white on the outside and beige on the inside, assures the rider that nothing will peek through. Designed and produced in partnership with our long-time fabric gurus at Schoeller, these breeches are discrete while still offering the same lightweight, durable and comfy fit as the regular 50 Series breech.  

Wearing your lucky polka-dot underwear on Sunday? With White 2.0, only you will know...



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