Luxe List Featuring the New Miss Shield

Posted on February 03 2017

Luxe List Featuring the New Miss Shield

Its a fun and exciting time for equestrian fashion. New spring products for 2017 are arriving on a daily basis. When something new and amazing comes out in the horse show world, we want to make sure our customers at Luxe EQ know about it.


So here it is, the first of many editions of The Luxe List, Featuring the brand new Miss Shield by Samshield


"Inspired by women's  classic hats the Miss Shield is equipped with a long visor and a customizable frontal band." - Samshield 

 Because, don't you want to feel like this BA fashionista when you stroll into the ring? 


 The correct answer is 


The Miss Shield has been designed on the base of classic Samshield helmets (Shadowmatt and Premium) and has same technical features. It also comes available in all the amazing colors and customizable options 

 Including all the sparkle, bling and glitter you can handle 

Even the box is Extra.


(Photo cred the $900 FB pony, check out her blog here)

Who ever wanted to be basic anyways?


Now appearing at your finest Texas Horse Shows, attended by Luxe EQ


And worn by the classiest, BA equestrian fashionistas 💁


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