Mane Jane Stirrup Belt

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This 1 1/2" reversible leather belt is a vacation of amazing turquoise croc with a white pebble sand on the other side - transform your belt game to a calm, peaceful space. Separate straps i.e. no buckle =$60.

This buckle is special! It's detachable and constructed of heavy, solid brass. USA artisans hand-cast and hand-polish each buckle so no two are the same, which is nice in our society of mass-produced madness! But wait, there's more... It's also specifically designed to not scratch your saddle during ungraceful dismounts! Buckles can be purchased alone or with a belt! Single Buckles are $65.

SIZING: Our sizes are unique. The belt straps are measured from end to end. So, to determine the perfect fit, please measure your favorite belt from end to end and then correspond that measurement with the closest ManeJane belt size.

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  • Brand: Luxe EQ

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