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The Helite Airbag Safety Jacket Vest CO2 Replacement Canister Cartridge Large Capacity 60cc can be easily swapped out from your existing show jacket/vest zip-in from Helite. The same cartridge also works for the Freejump Airbag Zip Free Standalone Safety Jacket Vest.


The size of your airbag safety jacket will determine the size of the cartridge. Here is a chart to help you.

Child Large – 50 cc

XS – 50 cc

S – 60 cc

M – 60 cc

L – 60 cc

XL – 85 cc

XXL – 100 cc

This is a replacement canister. Please use only with Helite-compatible brands (Dada Sport, Horse Pilot and Oscar and Gabrielle).

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  • Brand: Helite

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