Brian Toohey Belt Style #4

$ 160.00

Dark Brown

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Style #4

Available in 1 3/4" width  Black, Luggage Tan and Dark Brown

Other colors and widths can be special ordered in this buckle style

The inspiration for these belts is the integration of sculpture and utility. Shape, form and function come together to create a visual harmony that expresses its true character. Each piece seems to have a story of its own.

Made from Italian leather and using the very finest full vegetable tanning. Saddle leather is used for the lining, so the belt will actually improve with wear. The buckles are triple plated and finished in real rhodium which is tarnish free and durable. The hook closure has been perfectly refined so it will never pop open, yet is easy to adjust.  The Buckle lies flat for a smooth look under your show coat as well.

The extra belt length slides underneath and is held with a single keeper, instead of having the belt flapping out in the front. This makes for a very clean look and allows for 7 holes of adjustment instead of the traditional 5, so you can wear the belt at both the waist or hip with jeans. Because of this, the style crosses over beautifully from riding to fashion.

Each element from the leather straps to the beautifully sculpted buckles are designed and crafted in the United States.


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